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Restaurant Review: Nada

If you are eating in downtown Indianapolis, it is going to be either really bad or really good. Nada, on west Maryland street just south of the circle, is really good. With its self-titled...

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Fights becoming more frequent

School fights have become an epidemic in today’s society with people recording every fight they see. A study by the National Center for Education Statistics concluded that over 79 percent of public schools recorded...

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Students enjoy NBA season starting

The NBA pre-season games are played prior to the 82-game regular season. These games are essentially meaningless and a lot of the superstars sit during these games due to risk of injury. Most teams...

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Prowling Eagles

After the 2009 season, the North Central Panthers Hockey Club was disbanded and all of the players were re-assigned to the newly established Zionsville Arctic Eagles Hockey Club. High school hockey in Indiana is...

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Restaurant Review: Bazbeaux

Sitting on the canal in Broad Ripple, it is no wonder that this pizza parlour has been a hit restaurant for so many years. Located on Westfield Blvd. in Broad Ripple, Bazbeaux has been...

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Food Review: St. Joseph’s Brewery

The irony of the restaurant is obvious and hilarious. St. Joseph’s Brewery, at the corner of College and North St. downtown, is a brewery in the shell of a church. None of the exterior...

The football team has a winning record of 5-2. Last week they beat Lawrence Central. 0

Football teams best record since 2011

The student section is fired up about this year’s football team. Varsity players are pushing to make a difference in games. More and more students are buying tickets to see the Panthers make a...

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Food Review: Aristocrat

If it was not for the trees outside and the lack of accents in the voices of the patrons, I would have thought I was in a pub in England. The Aristocrat, at 52nd...

The SAT and ACT are both tests required for many colleges. These tests are becoming less relevant as they are not a true insight to a students knowledge. 0

Standardized testing is losing relevance

All that studying, time and effort that was poured into the SAT and ACT over the last few years; bad news: for some universities, it is not necessary. Within the last few months, it...

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Day five of Spirit Week

Day five of Spirit Week is class colors. Freshmen wear grey, sophomores wear white, juniors wear red and seniors wear black.

The pep rally will take place tenth period on Sept. 20. The fall sports teams get to stand on the field and get the students hype. 0

Pep rally excites students

Pep rallies are a big factor in the high school experience. The atmosphere is filled with  school spirit from the victory chants to rooting for the school’s sport teams. The only downfall is the...

Anika dean is a senior on homecoming court. She is also involved in Counterpoints. 0

Homecoming court Q&A

Q & A with senior Anika Dean on the homecoming court. Q: What did you have to do to get nominated? A: I told a few of my friends to nominate me as a...