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Is Driving to School Really All That?

What underclassmen always dream of is the ability to not have to take the bus to school. However, is driving to school really all it’s cracked up to be? Well, at NC, Panthers’ opinions are torn, some looking forward to the freedom while others dread the added cost and stress. Senior Chelsea Robinson sees both sides of the argument, but more …

Erin DossIs Driving to School Really All That?
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North Central Through The Years

Since 1956, Panther families have walked the halls of NC from generation to generation. Kimberly White-Lough graduated in 1988 and her daughter, Ellie Lough, is now a senior. Ashleigh Baker and Erin Doss found out how much NC really has changed through the years. Kimberly White-Lough TNL: What was your favorite activity at NC? Kimberly White-Lough: Junior Spec. I had …

Ashleigh BakerNorth Central Through The Years
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Skyward System Creates Issues

The NC technological revolution which, last year consisted of iPads and new projectors in each teachers’ room, has now progressed to gradebook systems. Edline, last year’s gradebook system, has been swapped out for the problematic Skyward system A new feature of Skyward is one that ultimately creates a problem. According to the Skyward website, they provide the gradebook system to …

Owen RoyalSkyward System Creates Issues
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Yo, Jo! Suspension: Outdated and Impractical

When it comes to hypocritical procedures, our school’s punishment regarding truancy sits unquestionably at the top of the list, even topping the peculiar and unfair rule regarding water bottle usage. If someone willingly doesn’t want to go to school, let’s just give them what they want. Makes sense, right? To make a long, unnecessary point short: that’s the idea school …

Johann BittnerYo, Jo! Suspension: Outdated and Impractical
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NC Implements New USDA School Lunch Regulations

The federal government doesn’t have the power to limit our food. However, it does this anyway through the usage of a system of “benefits”. Michelle Obama worked with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) last year to set new standards on what could and couldn’t be served in school lunches. These standards have been implemented at NC, and since then the cookies …

Emery HorvathNC Implements New USDA School Lunch Regulations
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Yo Jo! Johann Bittner Discusses The Issues With Spirit Week

Students attempting to establish their own themes for spirit week, strange choices by the administration, as well as a lack of school unity all contributed to what many students deem was a failure. Although some went all out, mimicking Disney characters or even attempting to twin with a cutout of Barack Obama, I believe we failed as a school.   …

Johann BittnerYo Jo! Johann Bittner Discusses The Issues With Spirit Week