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Matchup of Week: Panthers take on Warren Central in Sectionals

By Owen Royal: The first game of the playoffs happens Friday at 7p.m. The Panthers prepare to take on Warren Central for the second time this year in the first sectional game of the season. North Central and Warren’s last matchup fell on homecoming of this season, when the Panthers were defeated by the Warriors, 32-0. Although it was a …

adminMatchup of Week: Panthers take on Warren Central in Sectionals
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Q&A with Volleyball Coach Rolando Urquizo

Emery Horvath sat down with NC girls volleyball coach Rolando Urquizo to discuss upcoming sectionals. NCHSLIVE: How was your season as a whole? Rolando Urquizo: It was pretty decent, I want to say, as an ambitious person. iI was a mostly freshmen team, so I have higher expectations for the years to come. NCHSLIVE: What was your overall record? RU: …

adminQ&A with Volleyball Coach Rolando Urquizo
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Q&A with Meg Wynne

Our Kate Woods talked to Meg Wynne about her leggings petition. NCHS Live: Why did you write the petition? Meg Wynne: In an effort to legalize leggings, because I wrote a letter at the beginning of the year saying that I was taken out of class for wearing leggings and I thought that was wrong. It was like the first …

adminQ&A with Meg Wynne
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Dominique Turner’s Q&A

Dominique Turner ask the questions and gets the answers. Below is here Q&A with junior Tijawon Wilson. Dominique Turner: Do you think that people’s homes influence their attitudes? Tijawon Wilson: Yes. I think if you have an attitude at home then you are more likely to bring that to school. If you are happy at home then you will be …

Dominique TurnerDominique Turner’s Q&A