Recap of boys soccer game against Center Grove

The boys soccer team has just received their first loss of the season against Center Grove. Center Grove won 3-0 scoring all three goals in a eight minute-span at the beginning of the second half.

They scored their first goal after two minutes into the half, followed by two more in five minutes.

“We got scored on three goals in eight minutes, it shows that you have to stay focused in the entirety of the game,” sophomore Cole Little said, “that’s why we lost 3-0 because we didn’t focus for eight minutes.”

The soccer team had many opportunities but did not capitalize on them. They will be using this game as motivation for working their hardest for that eighth title.

“We use this game for motivation because it was very disappointing, and the coaches were very disappointed, and it was a wake-up call,” Little said.

The boys soccer team will be looking to fight hard to stay at the top of the state.

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