10 Things to Know with Anjel: Prom Tips Edition

10 Tips to Know for Prom

  • Don’t forget your student ID and Prom ticket
  • You will be breathalyzed at the door so be smart
  • Take a portable charger because your phone will die
  • Ladies get started early and make sure all of your makeup/ hair appointments are in order and set
  • Give yourself a grace period of at least an hour because life happens and you might need it
  • Boys give your date their time to shine when taking pictures
  • Ladies be patient with your date; this is most likely their first time at Prom also
  • Make sure your reservation for dinner is set, it is hard to get into good restaurants on Saturday nights without one
  • Be safe on the way to Prom and wherever you are going after
  • Lastly, make smart decisions!

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