Should water polo have a future at NC?

North Central has one of the nicest natatoriums in the state and compared to many other high schools, there are only two other high schools who can compete with the quality of our facility. The pool is only a few years old and is in constant use by people ages 5 -70 years old.

Because of the phenomenal natatorium, I believe it should be used to the fullest of its abilities. Water polo should be a club at NC.

There are so many clubs at NC so this addition would most likely be popular. The only downside to having a club is the cost for lifeguards on duty.

The addition of a water polo club would open up opportunities for students seeking fun in the water with their friends while, at the same time, creating a competitive atmosphere.

Adding a water polo team would also bring attention to NC with a new interactive club. Because this sport isn’t popular in Indiana schools, the club sport would probably consist of competitive fun against the club members themselves.

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