uNCut: Democratic Election Edition

In this special edition of NCHSLive!, we asked multiple people who attended the democratic and republican headquarters for election night their views on the results of the elections.


Susan Naus: Democrat

Q: How confident do you feel going into tonight’s election?

A: Well I hope we win on the national level. I’d be thrilled if we win on the state level which would obviously be the democratic party but Indiana is so Republican, it’s a tough nut to crack.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect about Clinton’s platform?

A: She’s progressive in everything whether it’s energy, children, broadening the base, helping everybody. Everything she does I’m in favor of. I think she’s gotten a bad rap. I’ve read a lot of her biographies, information about her. She’s gotten a bad rap. She deserves better than the acknowledgement she’s getting. She’s been taking care of women and children from the day she graduated from law school.


Noah Huber: Democrat

Q: How confident do you feel going into tonight’s election?

A: I feel pretty confident based on the pre election polls that the campaign has done. I feel like we have a good chance at winning tonight.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of Clinton’s platform?

A: I really respect her foreign policy experience. In a world that’s always globalizing at an exponential rate, I think that having someone with foreign policy experiences reliable. I think it’s really important and that’s probably my favorite part about the candidate.


Mechelle Callen: Democrat

Q: How confident do you feel going into tonight’s election?

A: I’ll tell you what I’m confident about is that we have worked so hard for this and today we started making phone calls again and I mean we’ve been doing it every single day. I mean I’ve literally stood in a laundromat, doing laundry, making phone calls on my Saturday afternoon in Bloomington. I’ve driven in the car making phone calls. And we were at headquarters today, we started at 9 o’clock making phone calls until 6:30. So I’m confident that we’ve done everything we can and now we just have to have faith in the voters.

Q: What’s your favorite aspect of Clinton’s platform?

A: What I love about being a democrat and being apart of the democratic party is the fact that we are an inclusive party. That’s not just rhetoric, we believe that. And that’s important to me as the mom of a young daughter. It’s important to me for the LGBTQ community that I’m closely affiliated with. I just feel like we’re a party that really believes that everybody has a role in this country and everybody deserves respect.

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