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5 Things to Know About the Lockdown

1.) The lockdown happens when there is someone in the area around NC that could be a threat to students or could be a possible intruder. A lockdown may also take place if there...

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5 Things to Know About Penny Wars

1. Penny Wars is a competition against freshmen, sophomores, juniors, seniors, and faculty. 2. The competition always takes place in November because it raises money for the canned food drive for NC families during...

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Safest Neighborhoods to Trick or Treat

Though many high schoolers no longer participate in Trick or Treating on Halloween, almost all have some experience in this tradition. Over the years, some neighborhoods and areas have become famous for dishing out...


BLINDSIDED 2.0: Show Choir

This week on Blind-Sided the controversial topic is whether or not show choir is a sport. The argument of whether or not show choir is a sport has been a hot topic between the...

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5 Things to Know about the ACT

1. It was first administered in November of 1959 as a competitor to the SAT. 2. In 2013, College Board announced that students would be able to take the ACT by computer starting in...

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5 Things to Know about Matt Rund

1. He attended IUPUI for an undergraduate degree and received a masters in Effective Teaching and Administration from Butler. 2. He has a wife and five children. His favorite movie of all time is...


Students experiment with the Juul

There is a new trend involving a method of simple smoking using a cigarette called a Juul. A Juul is considered a unique alternative to smoking cigarettes that is cleaner, easier to carry around...

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5 Things to do on Fall Break

1. Go to the Park Tudor apple orchard. 2. Go to a pumpkin patch and carve out a jack-o-lantern. 3. Binge-watch a Netflix series. 4. Go to a haunted house. 5. Attend a North...

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Whip of the Week

The first ever Whip of the Week is junior Lucas Harrison! — NCHS LIVE! (@NCHSLIVE) September 29, 2017

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5 Things to Know About Paige Vinson

1. She has been teaching at NC for 10 years. 2. She student taught at NC and she’s had a role here ever since. 3. She taught a multitude of history classes, such as...

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5 Things to Know About Senior Bonfire

1.) The Senior Bonfire takes place Friday, September 29 after the last home football game on the NC softball fields. 2.) The bonfire is organized by Senior Class Council. 3.) There are many delicious...

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5 Things to Know About Lou Silverman

1. He competed in the 1989 Jewish Olympics, also known as the Maccabiah Games, held every four years in Israel. He was the silver medalist in wrestling. 2. He has a Snoopy tattoo that...