Superbowl chair Mark Miles interview


Mark Miles, a North Central grad, has been working day and night to make sure the 2012 Super Bowl in Indy will be a spectacular success.  He is a well-respected man in the Indianapolis community, and his life story started here at North Central.

Mark has some great memories from NC.  He recalled his Spec experience that was a huge step out of his comfort zone.  “It all started when one of the hot girls called me and wanted me to act,” said Miles.  After North Central, he decided to attend Wabash College and pursue a law degree.  His career path was altered, and this led him to eventually become the CEO of the Men’s Professional Tennis Circuit.  Miles has brought his leadership skills to Indy in prior years by helping out with the RCA Tennis qualifier tournament.  With these convincing credentials, Mayor Greg Ballard contacted Miles and expressed his desire to put Indianapolis up for the 2012 Super Bowl bid.

Miles believes that the city will benefit greatly from hosting the Super Bowl.  Lots of money raised will be used to help benefit east side Indianapolis, east of Massachusetts Avenue.  In Miles opinion, Indianapolis will be a perfectly compact city for the Super Bowl.  The improved streets and pedestrian walkways connect everything for a nice Super Bowl party!  The party lasts ten days, and Miles strongly believes that attending this party would definitely be a memorable experience.  Big name bands and singers will be performing, and there will be something fun for everyone.  He described the Super Bowl village as “Times Square meets Indy.”  The Super Bowl will be a bustling experience for Indy and will host 70,000 people!

The North Central community is proud of Mark and happy that he is doing something to benefit the city.  He represents North Central well, and we wish him continued success in the future.


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