Student Athlete Earns Spot at National Gymnastic Competition

NCHSLive!’s Ashley Glesing sat down with sophomore, Taylor Wentland about her position to compete at this year’s National Gymnastics Competition.


How many times have you gone to Nationals?
“This will be my first time going to Nationals.”


Where is the national competition this year?                                                                                                                                           “The location changes every year but this year it is in Lansing, Michigan.”

How does your routine compare to others?
“My skills are pretty similar to other gymnasts at my level but all the routines are different because of our different dance and music on floor.”


When is the competition?
“The competition is on April 30.”


What are your goals for the competition?
“My goal for Nationals is to make all of my routines and to have fun.”


What events are you doing?
“I am competing all four events: bars, beam, floor, and vault.”


What’s your best event?
“My best event is vault.”


What is your favorite event?
“My favorite event is floor because you get to show your personality and really have fun with your routine.”


What are you most excited about and why?
“I am most excited about competing with new teammates and forming new friendships because at Nationals girls from Region 5 (Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, and Ohio) compete together as a team.”


Are you nervous about anything? If so, what?                                                                                                                                          “I‘m a little nervous because collage coaches will be there looking for girls to recruit but overall I’m not too nervous because nationals is the last meet of the season so I don’t have to worry about qualifying for another meet.”

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