Smash for Cash Smashes Penny Wars into the Past

This week the Smash for Cash fundraiser was held to raise money for the Canned Food Drive.

During Smash for Cash, participating restaurants would donate a percent of its sales for the night to the Canned Food Drive. Restaurants that participated included Jason’s Deli, Chipotle, Hotbox Pizza, Chick-fil-A, Huddles, and MOD Pizza.

This year was the first year the Smash for Cash fundraiser was held. It replaced the long-running tradition of Penny Wars.

Smash for Cash has been more effective than Penny Wars at raising money because students are more motivated to participate because they get to go to restaurants they enjoy.

Smash for Cash has already been a success. On Tuesday night alone, over $1000 was raised at Chipotle to go towards the Canned Food Drive.

In total, $2767 was raised for the Canned Food Drive. Jason’s Deli brought in $110, Chipotle brought in $1213, Hotbox raised $468, Chick-fil-A raised $592, Huddles brought in $96, and MOD Pizza raised $288.

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