Seasonal job opportunities for students

Managing time with an all year round job as a high school student can often times be difficult. Between studies, sports and clubs, it can be hard to find time to have a job. Having a part time or seasonal job is an efficient, easy way to make some money.

As the leaves start to fall and change colors, you could make some good money going around and asking people if they need their yard work done like picking up sticks and raking leaves.

With the weather getting colder and winter approaching opportunities to make money are here. When it snows, the obvious and go-to job during winter is getting a shovel and going door to door to ask people if they would like their sidewalks and driveways shoveled. That is an easy $15 to $20 per house. With winter break coming up people may be going on vacations and might need their houses or animals to be watched, but don’t take advantage of having the house key.

During the spring, watering plants is a simple task for a high schooler, but can be a hassle for elders. Gardeners can find nearby work from neighbors and other local clients by pulling weeds, tending to flowers, and growing vegetables. Also, farmer’s markets are very popular during the spring due to all the vegetables and crops growing.

If you enjoy spending time in the outdoors, being a golf caddy can be a great choice of a summer job. Another summer time job is a caddy, but it requires an understanding of the game and some physical endurance, as there is a lot of walking as well as carrying a heavy bag of golf clubs. Lifeguarding can be a difficult job with a lot of responsibility but it is a perfect, enjoyable summertime job.

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