New Year for New Clubs

North Central offers a wide variety of clubs with many new clubs being introduced in the upcoming school year. An updated list of all the clubs offered can be found in the back of the student handbook. If you are interested in creating your own club, it is a quick and easy process. Get your ideas together, come up with a name, get a teacher sponsor, and submit your ideas.

Many students are involved in clubs for lots of different reasons. Ellie Cummings, a sophomore, recently joined ComedySportz.

“I love getting to meet and get to know lots of new people, especially since I joined as a freshman,” Cummings said.

Clubs also offer many benefits and new experiences for its club members.

“I love getting to go to different schools for the competitions, and again, meeting new people. Also, it gives me something to do after school and is also really comedic,” Cummings said.

Environmental Awareness & Action Club was co-founded by Andrea Marvin, a junior, last year, and it already has 22 members.

“I think it’s important that high schoolers are aware of their environment and community,” Marvin said.

Andrea says her club is very beneficial for both her club members and herself.

“Being in this club really helps me become a better person by bettering my community. Also, I get to meet alot of new kids who have the same interests as me,” Marvin said. “My favorite part about being in Environmental Awareness & Action Club is that we are a very involved club and instead of just sitting around and talking, we take actually go out and do things.”

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