Local Indy schools protest gun violence

In memory of the 17 people who lost their lives exactly one month ago in Parkland, Florida, around 1200 students at North Central walked out in protest of gun violence. Eli Goldstein, Davon Graham and Eddie Prein gave passionate speeches and the Northernaires, a school choir, sang hymns as the students returned to class.

North Central was not the only school that organized a walkout. Every school in the country was encouraged to have a walkout. North Central was understanding in allowing students to walk out without repercussion. I contacted students from other Indianapolis area schools and asked what their school did for the walkout.

Our neighbors to the west, Brebeuf Jesuit, allowed their students to walk out. An estimated 100 students congregated at their soccer field, according to Brebeuf senior Delia Novak.

Sticking with private schools, Cathedral did not have a walkout but did have a prayer service. Bishop Chatard had a similar prayer service during a homeroom.

Lawrence Central, according to the information I received, had the closest walkout to us. They had around 500 students walk out.

At Carmel, which is located in an area with more rightward leaning political views, they had a more difficult process. According to Carmel junior Cami Engle, Carmel students were required to have a permission slip signed by a parent to stand in the gym for 17 minutes.

“The fact that they thought it was okay to limit the students in a time like this, especially with what happened at Carmel earlier this month [referring to an incident involving 2 students making gun threats toward the school]is horrible,” Engle said.

The ACLU and other civil liberties groups have offered legal help to any students facing punishment.

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