Junior Spectacular Preview: Panthura

Panthura, written by Alaia Hallal, Sophie Kovalan, and Gabe Leffler is one of the Junior Spectacular acts performing on Friday and Saturday.
Every year writers work hard to make the most unique act. They spend months on figuring out characters, plot and also assigning the cast list. As a student writer there are many more challenges than just those that come into rehearsing with other students.
“Forsure trying to direct people and get everyone to stop talking and really learn their lines” Hallal said.
In the past, acts have tested the waters with risky jokes and nicknames. Director’s cut the parts that might be controversial and offensive to the audience and other students.
“I think ours is the least controversial we don’t have anything offensive and stuff we have been priding ourselves on that cause we didn’t want to offend anybody watching and i think our ideas is really original,” Hallal said.
The act of Panthura is based off the plotline of the movie Zathura. In this particular rendition, the school is shot into space after playing the board game and the only way to escape is for everyone to get a turn to play the game.
“We originally had a seperate idea for spec, but after watching Zathura we knew that it would succeed far better than the other idea. The movie had all the components for winning spec” Leffler said.

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