Job Fair- Megan Kelly

Junior Megan Kelley has been working at Ganache Chocolatier in Zionsville, a shop that specializes in making truffles, fudge, peanut butter cups, and other sweets-for the past year.

“I package the chocolate, work up front as retail, make coffees and teas, and interact with customers,” Kelley said about her responsibilities.

Kelley said that dealing with customers can be a bit of a challenge, since often times they come in with specialized needs and it can be hard to meet them exactly.

“Trying to take what a customer wants and make a final product, whether it’s fitting the chocolates in a box, getting the right stuff, knowing their price range, and communicating in general can be difficult,” she said.

Although communication can be a challenge, Kelley said she still enjoys getting the opportunity to interact with her different customers. She also enjoys working with her coworkers at the shop.

“I enjoy the people I get to work with and learning about the people that come in,” Kelley said. “They’re people I wouldn’t get to interact with, and once the they come in more the relationship gets more relaxed.”

Another thing Kelley enjoys about her job is the sweets sold at the store.

“My favorites are the key lime truffle and the peanut butter cups,” she said.

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