iPhone 7 Rants and Raves

The iPhone 7 was released to the public on Friday, Sept. 16 and pre orders began Wednesday Sept. 7. The shift from the previous iPhones to the new iPhone 7 has brought many questions, complaints, and surprises to the halls.

The biggest topic of discussion is the wireless headphones or AirPods. AirPods fix the tangle problem and automatically connect when put in your ear.

“They would fall out too quickly and they are way too expensive,” freshman Anna Hemsel said.

“They would be easy to lose the headphones. It was creative but not efficient,” junior Jiles Harris said.

One downside is the battery life of the AirPods. The case for the AirPods charges the headphones, so the longer they charge, the longer they last. Another downside is that the AirPods do not come out until late October.

“I like the long lasting batteries because my phone now dies all the time and I need it to last longer,” freshman James Mark said.

Another new features are the jet black color option, new home button, and water resistancy.The jet black gives a professional look and the water resistancy helps Apple compete with other companies who have already had a waterproof phone. The new home button gives more power to the person and direction to the user.

“I feel like water resistant doesn’t work. They should have just made it waterproof so nothing could break it,” freshman Mercy Mullen said.

“The water resistant is good because I can watch YouTube and Netflix in the shower without worrying about it breaking,” senior Caleb Shields said.

The iPhone 7 ranges from $649 to $769.

“All of the new features are great but the price is way too high. No teenager can afford that,” junior Holly Jones said.

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