Instagram Versus Snapchat: Stolen Stories?

Instagram has introduced Instagram stories that allows users to share photos and videos to all of their followers and disappears after 24 hours. Sound familiar? Snapchat has an almost identical feature that have NC students angry.

“It’s a rip off and they didn’t even come up with a different name,” junior CJ Hill said.

Though it is very similar to Snapchat, there is an unique filter for Instagram stories, but that still has students mad.

“It’s stupid and no one will use it,” senior Camille Urbanski.

There are so many similarities between the two. Each upload last ten seconds, disappears after 24 hours, has filter options, drawing and screenshot option, just to name a few.

 “It’s weird and plagiarism,” freshman Mariah Hill said.

The goal for Instagram was to help the community engage in a more active way and in the long run help Instagram. But social media users have expressed their hatred toward the new Instagram stories.

“I think Instagram needs to go back to the old way,” sophomore Grace Strabala said.

There are a few difference though. For example, Instagram has different color pens and  all followers can see your upload. While on Snapchat there are emojis and memories which allows users to post pictures from their camera roll at any time. 

Though the update annoys many, there are some students that don’t mind.

“It doesn’t really bother me, I kind of just swipe through,” freshman Meggie McPherson said.

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