Homecoming dance switched locations, upper and lower student center

While the homecoming dance is a tradition that occurs each year, students can expect something different this year. After safety issues at last year’s dance, the dance is being moved to a new venue.

“We exceeded capacity at the tennis house. It’s just not safe to house that many people in a space that small,” senior Sam Downton said.

Downton is the student council vice president and president of the homecoming committee.

“It was getting super crowded and hot and we decided to move somewhere bigger,” Downton said.
While searching for a new space to hold the dance, student council focused on finding a larger space to accommodate more attendees. They also wanted to find a space that was free and easily accessible.
“We chose the upper and lower student centers because they’re free venues to use,” Downton said, “North Central is accessible and easy to locate for students as opposed to having them drive to another place. Parking is also free at school, so that is a plus.”

Downton believes that changing the location to the upper and lower student centers is a change for the better. Students will have plenty of room for dancing, as well as a separate space to eat and be able to sit down.

“The new location will totally improve the dance. It’s gonna be a much bigger space, so it won’t feel as cramped,” Downton said, “We’ll have bigger bathrooms too. We’re gonna have food and places to sit and eat upstairs, while the lower student center is set up for dancing.”

Despite all the changes, Downton says students still have plenty to look forward to. She encourages students to attend homecoming and have a fun and worthwhile experience with friends.

“I think students should look forward to having a good time with friends. Homecoming is a lot more laid back than prom. It’s semi-formal, a lot less expensive and there is not as much pressure to have a date, so it’s really about just getting dressed up and having a good time with friends. There’s food, cute decorations and a fun DJ too,” Downton said.

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