Hand dryers really blow


The overall bathroom experience at North Central is about as enjoyable as a colonoscopy.

For starters the toilet paper is glorified sandpaper. Then once you’re done and go to wash your hands (I’m hoping that’s the next step for you as opposed to not washing your hands) the water either stays on for one second or two years. But none of those are as bad as the hand dryers.


The majority of dryers push out air at about the same rate as a five year old daintily blowing on your hands. So when drying your hands you have two options. Wait fifteen minutes until your hands are almost half dry, or bite the bullet and wipe your hands on your clothes.


I know it’s kind of ridiculous complaining about the wetness of hands or texture of toilet paper. I mean there are people at this school who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Unfortunately, for the most part, people who have those experiences aren’t in our Print and Online Media at North Central. That’s why, if you have an opinion that you want to be published, anonymous or not, you can email NCVITC@gmail.com.


NCVITC stands for North Central Voices In The Crowd. Voices In The Crowd is our way of giving voice to those who feel underrepresented in the school paper. If you have a story to tell, if you’ve noticed injustice, or if you just have an opinion you want to share, email us and we will read it and perhaps publish it.


The only people who read the content you send us will be me and my assistant editor Jack McBride and we guarantee confidentiality. I hope this will help bring awareness to issues facing the unrepresented at this school.

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