Fall Sports Traditions

Every year, during tournament season, fall sports have traditions in which the players on the teams participate in each season. Fall sports include soccer, football, boys tennis, cross country, girls volleyball and girls golf.

The teams that participate in these traditions are boys soccer, boys tennis and cross country.The teams practice these rituals for team unity and just overall fun. “The boys enjoy it because we like to mess with each other,” junior Connor Smith said.

The boys and girls cross country team hosts “pasta parties” on the days leading up to meets. “Cross country pasta parties have been a tradition since NC has had a team,” junior Holle Guntz said.

Eating pasta gives these athletes a source of complex carbohydrates, which provide a slow release of energy. The parties are also for fun and team bonding. “Pasta parties help the team come together. They are super fun to go to after practice. They get us ready for our race the next day by eating the carbs the night before. It is a great way to get to know everyone and prepare for Saturday,” Guntz said.

The boys tennis team do hair cuts as the season draws towards the State Playoffs . Some haircuts are colorful and others are not what you would see on a regular day. “My favorite part is seeing all the guys and the team bonding that results from the haircuts.They are a tradition because it is great team bonding and it raises awareness for the state tournament,” Prein said.

The haircuts tradition draws attention to the athletes. The haircuts make other students ask “why is your hair like that?” And the athletes get to explain their tradition and team legacy.

“People around the school know that they mean it’s tournament time and they help get people out to our matches, which is an important part of NCMT that sets it apart from other schools’ tennis teams. The haircuts help us get those fans out,” Prein said.

The boys soccer team also cut each others hair this year. “The team has been cutting hair since 2015, so for the past 3 years. We do the tradition for team bonding,” Smith said.

Along with traditions around tournament season, some sports dress up on days of matches, games and meets. Dressing up is more usual for the athletes. “We do different dress up days for cross country. It’s just supposed to be fun and most people on the team do it,” Guntz said, “It shows that you are part of something.

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