Counterpoints win nationals; Descants runner-up

Over spring break, NC took the Counterpoints and the Descants to Show Choir Nationals in Nashville, Tennessee. The Descants are in a unisex division and the Counterpoints are in a mixed division.

Nationals is a way for the show choir groups to further their competition after the state championships.

Mark Maxwell, a senior Counterpoint, won the individual award for best male soloist. He described what the moment meant to him,

“Winning state is always an amazing feeling and a great accomplishment. Counterpoints has a huge successful past of winning state. But being named the best group in the nation is an even greater accomplishment,” Maxwell said.

There were approximately 12 schools in total competing at Nationals. The Counterpoints placed first overall and the Counterpoints won best visuals and best vocals in their division.

“It was a feeling that was out of this world! All of the hard work we put in all year finally paid off! It felt amazing to win nationals as a counterpoint my senior year. As I looked out to the crowd and saw the Counterpoints having tears of joy it brought tears to my eyes. The Counterpoints is my family, not just some group I perform with and knowing we represented North Central High School in a well manor was remarkable,” Maxwell said.

There were approximately six different all girls show choir and Descants placed second and won best vocals in their division.

Senior Natalie Anderson, a Descant co-president, performed at Nationals.

“The most exciting part about nationals was probably the performance. But also it was so fun to meet and hang out with all the other choirs,” Anderson said. “All the choirs were staying at the Grand Ole Opry and they were all so nice and really cool. Hanging out with my girls and meeting new people was so fun. So pretty much the whole experience altogether was the most exciting part.”

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