Author: Lela Boys-Sibley

Homecoming is a big deal for many schools.Is the homecoming tradition dying for our students? 0

Are students still loco for hoco?

Homecoming week is historically a week in high schools full of activities like a spirit week, the big game and a homecoming dance. NC is not without these things but may lack the traditional...

Students cheered on Sam Latty. Alumni group plays as band. 0

Students attend senior concert

Many up and coming artist emerge from our school and senior Samuel “sts” Latty held a concert this past Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018. Latty was accompanied by the band “Everybody Jaywalks” full of North...

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5 Things to Know about Matt Rund

1. He attended IUPUI for an undergraduate degree and received a masters in Effective Teaching and Administration from Butler. 2. He has a wife and five children. His favorite movie of all time is...