Author: Kourtney Brooks

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uNCut: Linda Bledsoe

In the recent episode of uNCut, Ben and Kourtney interview student Linda Bledsoe.

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Senior Creates Personal YouTube Channel

Senior Nick Taylor has been creating videos and posting them on YouTube for nearly five years. “I actually started making YouTube videos back in 2010,” Taylor said, “I fell off with it until about...

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The Stupidity of the SAT

I am not the most clever individual in my class. But then again, I am not simpleminded either. I like to think of myself as a sponge; soaking up information from any and everywhere...

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We’re Humans Too

Feminism is something not many people want to discuss, or yet alone understand. But if you possess common sense, feminism shouldn’t be that hard to comprehend. Feminism is simply believing that everyone is equal....