Author: Joseph Thomas

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Cowardice inside NC’s walls

The production of a previous newspaper has caused a lot of controversy about the constitutionality of kneeling. Student athletes have the right to kneel during the anthem, but it seems as though some inside...

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Whip of the Week

The first ever Whip of the Week is junior Lucas Harrison! — NCHS LIVE! (@NCHSLIVE) September 29, 2017

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5 things to know about the MIC

1. The MIC is the Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference, which is the conference that sports compete in. 2. The schools in the MIC are as follows: Ben Davis, Carmel, Center Grove, North Central, Lawrence Central,...

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5 facts about homecoming week

Homecoming is meant to be a celebration of the school’s accomplishments and its alumni. The themes for this week are as follows: Tuesday: Jerseys. Wednesday: Mix n’ Match. Thursday: Throwbacks: Freshmen 60s, sophomores 70s,...