Prom: getting out of hand

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This year’s Prom is on the calendar for April 21. Since it’s currently the first of March, naturally everyone in the junior class already has a date, a dress in mind and after party plans. By the end of the February, “Proma” is in full force, not letting up until the night everyone has been waiting for their entire high school careers: Prom.

Sometime over the years, the junior classes set the standard that asking during the usual acceptable time frame of a couple weeks before the event was just not going to cut it. After all, prom only happens once, and it is the best night of every one’s lives. So why waste all of second semester not thinking about and planning for it every waking second?

This is not me simply calling out this year’s junior class. Last year was just as obsessed, if not worse. I am admitting to being completely obsessive about it myself as a junior. However, what I realize now is that it’s just not worth it. I don’t know if it’s because we have dropped the ball on all the other dress up dances most schools participate in during the year, or if its because we’ve all just watched too many Disney Channel movies, but the prom obsession continues to be out of hand. Girls are worried if they don’t have dates by January. Boys that simply ask girls to be their dates with a flower or two isn’t cutting it anymore. Everyone wants it bigger, better and earlier with each passing year.

I guess my worry is, when is enough enough? I’m worried by the time this year’s freshmen become juniors, people will be getting asked in September the year before. Unless a class decides to step up (or step down, literally) this pattern of ridiculous prom preparation will spiral out of control. Prom is a fun night, but not the only fun night you will ever have. So while being excited for the night is perfectly acceptable, maybe everyone could postpone the worry and stress until at least the end of March.

After going through the “Proma” myself, my best advice would be the less you hype prom up, the more it will exceed your expectations, and the better time you’ll have.

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